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We ended the year by asking the children to vote  what mindful lesson was their favorite . Body Scan was the winner.  We started our last day of OT with a guided body scan . Cloths were offered to cover their eyes which most used. When asked what they liked about body scan all said they felt relaxed and liked my voice. This is an excellent practice before bed as well.
<![CDATA[This is Why … ]]>Sat, 27 Jun 2015 03:28:39 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/this-is-why
I am blessed & so grateful to teach these incredible children.  Working with  children with Aspergers has allowed me to see and experience  such  beauty, talent and suffering. They have given me the  gift to open my heart, laugh, cry and experience a depth of teaching I know I would have missed had I not taught these incredible children . Saying good bye  was hard and a special moment was caught in such a heartwarming picture. The bond this child and I  share is apparent. He wrote a goodbye letter to me that had me in tears.." Ms Rice I wish I could repeat 5th grade again so you could be my teacher . I love you."
I have been his teacher for 3 years.. But really he has been mine.
<![CDATA[Kind words  & remembering  the good]]>Sat, 13 Jun 2015 15:26:42 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/kind-words-remembering-the-good
The goodbye circle is where we sit and listen to each other say good bye with a  compliment or a positive memory about each other. We look at them and speak from the heart. It is very touching and sweet what these boys who have known each other a very long time, say to each other and to their teachers . Listening to these sweet boys touched my heart deeply.  So many thank-yous for playing with me, being my friend, shared interests, growing up together, standing beside me…. whew! not many dry eyes for the adults. It is our hope they remember all the positives and continue to be kind to each other and themselves.
We are a family and it becomes very evident the last week of school. A 5th grade student reminded me to schedule the goodbye circle for the last day. When I asked him why it was important to him he said, ' Because it is a tradition and I have been practicing.' He was remembering the two previous year's  goodbye circles he had participated in. 
<![CDATA[Emwaves and Mindfulness 2]]>Mon, 08 Jun 2015 00:45:32 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/emwaves-and-mindfulness1
The students can explain …
<![CDATA[Emwaves and Mindfulness 1]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 15:29:40 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/emwaves-and-mindfulness
As a class we created an Emwave G.O. Chart to explain what an Emwave was, how it worked & helped us.   The children listed the  strategies they  used to "Go Green".  Many of these 'strategies'  were taught through out the year and then practiced using the Emwaves once a week . The list of strategies grew and the children began to have preferences. The children then made their own Emwave Popplet to teach others about Emwaves. 
<![CDATA[Eating Popcorn]]>Sun, 31 May 2015 15:14:29 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/eating-popcorn
Each child was given two pieces of popcorn. They were asked to use their animal eyes and look carefully at their two pieces. They were asked not to speak. 
Next, they were asked to smell them.  Choosing one they were not going to eat ( this was cute ), they were asked to place  it by their ear and listen to it as they pinched it and moved it around in their fingers.
The children were then asked to chew and swallow  it slowly. We shared what we noticed. The children  shared that they heard it, felt sharp edges, pieces getting stuck in their teeth, tasted salty, etc. One of the questions  in their notebook was  to think about how eating lunch mindfully in the cafeteria  at school could  be different if we ate more mindfully. Their answers were quieter, slower  but no time for recess, no one would talk with their mouths full, neater, calmer, better.  ;-) It would be nice to try mindful eating for even 5 minutes during lunch!
<![CDATA[No Difference - A Poem & Mindful Eating]]>Thu, 28 May 2015 18:05:01 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/no-difference-a-poem-mindful-eatingPicture
As a class we have been practicing our end of the year poem , No Difference by Shel Silverstein. To deepen our understanding of this thoughtful poem, we have drawn pictures, talked about bullying/teasing  over our differences and how we are  alike as well. We  talked about Kindness and Compassion. (We call it the BIG C and  have labelled  incidents we encountered in our read alouds & daily experiences all year long).
 This lesson was designed to  help deepen their understanding to not judge each other by the way we  look. I took two boxes one 'plain' and one 'pretty' ( their words)  putting rocks in the plain one and M&Ms in the fancy one. ( Modified a similar idea from Traci @ Elementary Counselor Blog) I then asked them what gift they wanted to open and why. You can see the vote and their responses were to be expected.  Most said the fancier, prettier box had something better inside. When I asked the two who picked the plain box  why-  one was able to express that the prettier box didn't always hold the best gifts. He then went on to say, 
"The outside doesn't show what is really on the inside." The point of the poem and lesson! People are like M&Ms.. it doesn't matter what color they are  on the outside it is what is in the inside that counts. Treat each other with kindness.

We then ate an M&M SLOWLY. We sniffed it, let it begin to melt in our hands, place it on our tongues and let it melt slowly  but no chewing. All were able to resist chewing. We briefly talked about the color being different as well but all having chocolate inside. They shared what they had noticed during this guided mindful eating task. We are ready for tomorrow's mindful eating lesson!
<![CDATA[Looking for the Good]]>Sat, 16 May 2015 21:17:21 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/seeing-the-good
In November the children completed a 14 day gratitude journal. These were shared and then tucked away in their portfolio of work. They were revisited with this lesson helping them understand that  looking for the good can lift  our mood and outlook if we  practice and pause to notice the many positives in our lives from big to small. The children shared  a big and small moment of gratitude and then shared how it made them feel to think of it.  Several made the connection that this could help them when they are experiencing Grumpy ( an Unthinkable ) . 
<![CDATA[Review of Anchors and Noticing ]]>Sun, 10 May 2015 21:51:33 GMThttp://msricespecialtechpirates2014-201.weebly.com/-breath---mindful-lessons/review-of-anchors-and-noticing
The children were given a pre written  post it to place in one of  several  categories  where we can use anchors and noting  when we practice. This chart was a nice review and will be a visual for them for the remainder of the year. We will be adding to it as we end the year with our body sensation lessons. This will  help build vocabulary, provide review  and help them become more comfortable with what they are experiencing emotionally and physically. 

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